Preparation tips to score good marks in Science

Scoring good marks in a subject like Science helps students to build a strong future in the same field. If you are not clear with the concepts, performing well in the exams is difficult. Students who want to pursue their careers in Engineering or Medicine are expected to have a strong knowledge of the fundamentals. As there are three sections in Science, students find it difficult to focus on each concept precisely.


The three different sections of Science are Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Physics contains numericals and concepts which are related to the basic concepts. Chemistry contains chemical formulas and equations of various substances. Biology helps students to understand the changes and differences which occur in our environment. In order to understand the chapters covered under each section, students can make use of NCERT Books which are prescribed by the CBSE board.


To prepare for the exams, students find it difficult to choose the right study material. For this purpose, the NCERT Solutions Class 7 Science which are available on the internet can be used by the students while answering the textbook questions. These solutions contain step wise and precise answers for the textbook questions which are important from the exam point of view.

Few tips to prepare well for the exams

  1. Students have to make a note of the important formulas covered in each chapter and memorise them regularly for a good score.
  2. The example problems which are solved in each chapter have to be practised on a daily basis so that students do not lose marks in numericals.
  3. Important diagrams should be practised regularly so that students become familiar with the concepts behind them.
  4. Different terminologies used in each chapter have to be given more importance as they are of high marking in the final examination.
  5. The chemical equations which are covered in chemistry have to be noted down separately which will reduce their time during revision.
  6. After completing the questions in the NCERT Books, students should solve the previous years’ question papers and sample papers which are released by the CBSE board.
  7. By solving numerous questions, students will be able to understand the types of questions that would be asked in the exams.
  8. NCERT Solutions available online will reduce the time spent by students in looking for accurate answers.
  9. Students will be able to cross-check their answers and get a clear understanding of the concepts.

By following the tips mentioned above, students will be able to enhance their conceptual knowledge which is important to perform well in the exams. It will also improve time management and analytical skills among students which is crucial from the examination perspective. NCERT Solutions Class 8 Science can be used by the students to obtain a clear idea of the chapters present in the textbook. The solutions are curated by subject matter experts after conducting extensive research on each concept. The main objective is to help the students attain remarkable grades in the final exams, irrespective of their intelligence quotient.

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