12 Latest MuleSoft Connectors You Need To Know

MuleSoft has also released new composer connectors to our current offering, MuleSoftComposer, that works with Salesforce. In the latter part of the year, we’ll make this feature accessible to customers outside of Salesforce with the release planned for MuleSoft Composer, an external application to Salesforce’s UI. Salesforce UI is available either independently or as an on the Anypoint Platform. Looking to learn and become an expert in Mule, Get your MuleSoft certification today and become certified.

Here are the 12 connectors that are now accessible across MuleSoft Composer and Anypoint Platform:

For Anypoint Platform:

1: Redshift Connector:

Incorporate data and query in your Redshift instance. Then, utilize the data to build custom reports using BI tools.

2: Lambda Connector:

Use AWS Lambda services directly via the Mule flow to use already developed functions for AWS Lambda. AWS Lambda service.

3: Schema Connector

Reduce the size of payloads with constant access and retrieve the suitable metadata schema from the confluent schema registry—storage and retrieval of Avro, Protobuf Schemas, and JSON Schema.

4: Gmail Connector:

Use your Gmail account with your cloud applications to efficiently automate business operation involving emails.

5: Microsoft Connector:

Automate routine organizations functioning by integrating Microsoft OneDrive storage across HR, Sales, and Operations. Upload files to shared OneDrives, change permissions, and initiate collaboration requests through Teams and Slack. For more check this MuleSoft tutorial today.

6: Connector MQTT:

Use asynchronous object-based message patterns with the MQTT protocol, which is common to IoT usage cases that are most common in the manufacturing, automotive telecom, oil, and gas sectors.

To MuleSoft Composer:

1: Asana Connector

Connect Asana for managing projects that connect to CRMs such as Salesforce to manage project activities without difficulty or use collaboration tools such as Slack and Teams to increase collaboration within the organization.

2: Box Connector

Manage, create, and upload files and folders for collaboration across the entire enterprise through Box. Integration of CRM with Box and enterprise resource management (ERP) or communication and messaging platforms such as Slack to automate the submission of documents and approvers.

3: JIRA Connector

Update, sync, manage and share support case progress between front and back offices associated with Jira to other systems, like Salesforce Cloud Service. Use Jira with Slack and Microsoft Teams connectors with Jira to better collaborate throughout the company and enhance the user experience.

4: Microsoft Teams Composer Connector

Eliminate communication barriers and work more efficiently across other departments by using this Microsoft Teams Connector. Use this connector in conjunction with the additional MuleSoft Composer connector, including NetSuite, Salesforce, and Tableau, to deliver critical notifications to all channels used by teams like orders status reports on sales, orders status, and other important information.

5: Composer Connector of ServiceNow

Create and edit incident data In ServiceNow and then synchronize the information in other applications of business, such as your ERP or CRM system.

6: Stripe Connector for Composer

Automate cash reconciliation procedures to complete the eCommerce process and take payments from invoices. Integrate Stripe information with your ERP or CRM data like NetSuite in real-time.

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