2 Ways to Live a Balanced Life

Living life is the most difficult balancing act. There are so many aspects of life that you will be struggling to manage them all. You will be juggling your home, work, health, relationships, and work. While you do this, you will have one objective in mind – how to be successful on all these fronts.

I have tried to reach this end many times in my life at the cost of my well-being. The stress that comes with trying to lead a balanced life took a toll on my physical, spiritual, and mental health. My life was a disaster spinning out of control. I lacked balance in life, and this surely was not a good way to live as it was unsustainable.

We all reach a point in our lives where there is no turning back. This is the point where you have to make a choice. I had to choose between allowing my life to continue spinning out of control or getting back on track by restoring the balance of life.

It only made sense to choose the latter. So here are some ways you can also restore balance in your life.

Figure Out What Living a Balanced Life Means to You

Searching for balance in your life is all about looking for what makes you feel at ease. To get to this point, you need to have a clear definition of what a balanced life means to you.

Apart from your daily job or professional responsibilities, you need to know which other activities you want to allocate your time to during the day. Compile a list of activities that you enjoy doing this. This is what I listed down. However, it may not necessarily be the same for you:

  • Daily exercise for at least 30 minutes (It need not be anything too hardcore. Even a simple walk is enough as long as it becomes a daily routine)
  • Mindfulness – 10 minutes of daily self-reflection
  • Gratitude Journal – Every night, I thought about 3 things that happened during the day that made me grateful (You may even write them down on paper. However, even if you make just mental notes it is alright)
  • Go to bed early whenever I have work the next day. Keep your phone aside when you go to sleep if you intend to make this work
  • Reduced diet – As long as you are eating in controlled volumes, you may not necessarily have to go on hardcore full-protein or no-carb diets.

These activities helped me develop a positive mindset.

Stop Multitasking and Start Prioritizing

Despite the corporate world’s positive perception of multitasking, it is a fact that our brain is not designed to multitask. The more we try to do multiple things at the same time, the more stress we put on ourselves. We think multitasking is a great way to get the most out of our valuable time. However, we only end up thinking just a little bit about too many things. When we are unable to focus on any one objective, we fail to achieve anything of substance.

Multitasking slows you down as you end up getting distracted trying to do so many different things. You just get exhausted by the end of the day.

Stuffing too many things in your daily routine will not create a healthy life balance. You must know what is important to you and prioritize them accordingly. Instead of doing multiple things at the same time, take one thing at a time. Finish it off in a proper manner and then get on to your next task. This will allow you to preserve your energy and you will be able to achieve more out of your day and restore balance to your life.

Summing Up

Leading a balanced life is all about creating self-discipline. Self-discipline will help you prioritize your activities. It will prevent you from procrastinating and give you stress later in life. Live a balanced life so you can live peacefully.

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