5 Silly Dog Habits That Seem Ridiculous to Pet Parents

Puppy antics can be fun to watch sometimes but make you dizzy at other times. Whether you like it or not, your fluffy pupper will still tell you what they want to tell, nothing more or nothing less. Before you suffer a panic attack looking at your puppy pal’s peculiar actions, know that some habits are ingrained in their genetics and harmless. So, you need not worry about every bizarre puppy behavior, only some.

When concerned, you can consult your vet to understand your pet’s weird practices. While regular vet visits for wellness check-ups can cost you up to a few hundred dollars, unscheduled vet visits can quickly run into the thousands, depending on the type of medical emergency. It is one reason why you must consider purchasing dog insurance.

Pet health insurance can cover your pet’s medical care for a broad range of health conditions depending on the level of cover you choose. A pet insurance policy can help manage your puppy’s unanticipated health expenditure with much less financial stress. So, why not contemplate buying a pet policy?

Meanwhile, read this article to learn about some common dog behaviors that can be classified as “strange” by puppy parents.

1.Spinning around

Does your pup whirl round until it wobbles and finally plops down to relax? We know how exhausting it can be for puppy parents to witness the scene, but the puppy has no second thoughts about twirling on and on. This puppy conduct can be potentially harmless and rooted in its ancestral behavior of matting down the leaves before sleeping on the cosy leaf bed. Though domestic dogs don’t need to make their bed, still, some pups like to flatten their beds to slumber peacefully.

2.Rolling in dirt

Wild dogs cover their scent by employing this tactic. However, pet dogs have little need to mask their scent trails because they are at lower risk of being attacked by predators in and around the home. So, a puppy rolling in things it finds on the ground can be due to its instincts and not for any other reasons. Instead, focus on giving your furry pet a refreshing bath to get rid of the grime.

3.Sniffing a fur baby’s butt

Yes, you might prefer your puppy to say “Hi!” to another fur baby by raising its little paw. Still, most pups choose to sniff another animal’s butt to get to know them well. Remember, a puppy’s nose is very sensitive to smells and is known to have a sense of smell between 10,000 and 100,000 times that of humans. So, your fur companion can get vital details about the new fur baby in the block by sniffing the strange creature’s behind.

4.Abrupt humping

If your puppy hasn’t been spayed or neutered, then humping can be due to sexual urges. However, sometimes even fixed puppies can suddenly hump their owner’s leg, another pet, or inanimate objects. In such cases, a puppy can be humping to declare domination, indicate overexcitement, or request attention. So, understand the reasons for humping before ignoring your pup or redirecting their attention towards other things.

5.Eating poop

We know it’s gross, but know that your canine friend evolved as scavengers which is why they eat a creature’s elimination. Also, a puppy may find poop an exciting thing to eat because it contains proteins. Plus, female dogs are known for eating poop to keep their den clean and little puppies safe from poop hazards.

Poop eating can be a typical scene in multi-pet households. Pet owners must carefully monitor the activities of all fur babies living under the same roof to ensure health and happiness. At the same time, pet parents must consider purchasing pet health insurance to have a medical financial backup during pet accidents, injuries, health emergencies, and more.

Dog insurance can support your furry pet’s medical care for various allergies, dental issues, and health conditions, depending on the level of cover chosen. So, weigh up several pet policies and assess your pupper’s health needs before signing up for a pet plan.


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