Turning a Dream into Idea and Idea into Reality, the CEO and Founder Rajiv Gupta at Backlinks Media Is the Blooming Indian Entrepreneur

Backlinks Media, a comprehensive and customized digital marketing Company aims at providing the right and tailor-made SEO practices to generate leads, growth, and ultimately success for businesses across the globe.

29 June 2021 – The well-known digital marketing company “Backlinks Media” comprises dedicated and experienced professionals. The company provides a vast variety of SEO-friendly, unique, and digital marketing solutions to businesses based across the globe.

The vivid imagination and passionate enthusiasm is the sole driving force behind the establishment of the company. The CEO and Founder of the company Rajiv Gupta are no less than an exemplary personality who is a passionate enthusiast with vivid imaginary skills. The same is evident from the successful establishment of the venture Backlinks Media back in 2019.

The Indian entrepreneur Rajiv Gupta was and is still an active learner. He doesn’t turn his back at any opportunity he gets his hands on. The same is evident from his difficult and hardship experiences in life. He started his career as an accountant, learned many new things but, this specific job wasn’t enough to challenge him for holistic growth. He resigned from the same and sought an opportunity in a call center which again wasn’t adding much to his passion for learning. He even tried his hands on Film productions but, the partial practices and other fateful events made him quit this job as well.

Despite several failures and hardships that life and opportunities had thrown at him, he was still willing to explore more. This finally led him to the rapidly growing field of digital marketing. The skill and the whole practices and the sole driving force to assist the business to grow across the globe allured him to a greater extent.

Rajiv Gupta started learning the tool, techniques, and other relevant skills desired to master the basics. Gradually from the successful accomplishment of basics, he moved towards mastering the skills. Finally, in the year 2019, the establishment of his venture Backlinks Media was the outcome of all the learning.

He surely is a man of dreams. Further, he is capable of converting mere dreams into ideas and finally, the ideas into the present reality. He truly believes that dedication, passion, ad hard work could lead you to achieve what is tagged as impossible by society.

He is still working day and night, even harder than ever to take his venture to another level. He and his team values every single client and their business or brand and strives to build a lifetime relationship. The services are available round the clock with a provision for free consultation service.

About the Backlinks Media Company

Rajiv Gupta, mastermind, founder, and CEO of the Company- Backlinks Media is a vivid and passionate enthusiast. The Company comprises a team of well-trained, professional, and expert professionals. They are dedicated to achieving nothing less than the best for every undertaken project.

The Company works on the sole ethos of the guaranteed customer satisfaction. The professionals are dedicated to providing the customized and appropriate digital marketing solutions in the first go. This is evident from the cooperation, collaboration, and coordination the company maintains with some elite magazines, agencies, authors, and other platforms.

The experts offer a wide variety of affordable and tailor-made services like On-page and Off-Page SEO-friendly content, Social media management, 100% unique with an impeccable grammar blog post, even guest posting and social media publications. This aims at generating leads to help the business or brand to rank higher on the Google search engine.

The Company utilizes the latest tools, techniques, software, and practices to ensure nothing less than the best for every undertaken project. The company’s working procedure is simple yet efficient in getting desired publications on the leading websites. As of now, the company is proudly serving worldwide clients and brands with quality and on-budget services.

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