Comparing Different Payment Methods for Buying Bitcoin in Australia

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin remain a mystery to many investors. Many investors be concerned about buying Bitcoin in Australia quickly. This section outlines the most effective ways to pay to purchase Bitcoin.

Different Ways to Buy Bitcoin Online

There are numerous methods to purchase Bitcoin from Australia. The options offered depend on the exchange or broker.

Buy Bitcoin With a Credit Card

Licensed Bitcoin brokers also use credit cards. These may incur additional fees, which are charged by the issuer of credit cards, not the broker. This is because brokerage transactions are often categorized as cash advances.

Beginning users should also consider the potential risks of buying Bitcoin by borrowing capital. This is particularly true due to the volatility of Bitcoin.

However, it is still possible to purchase Bitcoin by credit card through eToro,, Binance, and many other reputable exchanges and brokers.

You can also buy Bitcoin using BPAY, POLi, PayID, and other local methods

Some of the Bitcoin brokers we discussed earlier also accept the local payment method. For example, eToro supports deposits via BPAY, and Binance accepts BPAY and NPP payment methods.

Paying locally is the most affordable way to purchase Bitcoin in Australia.

Buy Bitcoin With Debit Card

A majority of investors who are first-time buyers will opt to purchase Bitcoin in Australia by using a credit card. ASIC-regulated brokerages like eToro allow both Visas as well as MasterCard. The transaction is processed in a matter of seconds and minutes.

Buy Bitcoin With PayPal

PayPal is a different option to consider when you decide to purchase Bitcoin within Australia. The fees will differ widely based on the broker you choose. eToro provides PayPal deposit rates of just 0.5 percent, which is a great deal.

How do I buy Bitcoin in Australia? 

Here are the three most reliable cryptocurrency exchanges you can use now.

  • eToro is the Overall Most Popular Platform to Purchase Bitcoin Australia
  • Cointree – Best Platform to Buy Bitcoin Australia for Newbies
  • – Best CFD Platform for Buying Bitcoin in Australia –

eToro – Overall, the Best Platform to Purchase Bitcoin Australia

eToro is an online trading platform for social media that lets users manage their portfolios of investments easily by granting them the ability to access their digital assets so long as they have internet access. The platform is rated as the best overall platform for buying Bitcoin in Australia because of its speedy process of setting up accounts and its low cost and user-friendliness.

Cointree – Best Platform for Newbies

Cointree is unique due to its simple interface, essential for novice Australian cryptocurrency enthusiasts and traders who want to know more about the crypto market. The numerous learning resources available on the platform will assist new users in learning how to purchase Bitcoin in Australia and the basic notions of the crypto market.

It is an excellent option if you want to buy Bitcoin with Cointree. Cointree provides a simple and secure method of buying Bitcoin. You can create an account, confirm your identity, and deposit money into the Cointree account in just a few easy steps. 

After your account has been completed and is funded, you can go to your “Buy/Sell” section, select Bitcoin as the currency of your choice, and enter the amount you wish to purchase. Cointree accepts various payment methods, making it easy for users to buy Bitcoin by using the payment method they prefer. is the most technologically advanced platform to purchase Bitcoin in Australia. is considered an exceptionally technologically superior platform for buying Bitcoin due to the AI technology that increases users’ earnings. provides a demo account that is backed by virtual money. You can discover how to purchase Bitcoin in Australia and trade the world’s most coveted digital asset.

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