How To Maintain Your Tesla In Optimum Condition

Tesla is an expensive luxury car not only to buy but to maintain as well. When you invest your money in buying a luxury electric car such as Tesla, you would want to make the most out of your investment. If you maintain your electric car in good shape, it will become an investment and not a liability.

To maintain your electric car and reduce your expenditure, here are a few tips that you should keep in mind.

1. Ensure Regular Software Updates

When you own an electric car, you should subscribe to the manufacturer’s social media accounts and magazines because they announce regular updates. Keeping the software updated will prolong the life of your electric vehicle.

When you update the software whenever a new update is available, you will fix all the bugs and get access to new maintenance tools and features.

2. Maintain Battery Health

The battery of electric vehicles can be expensive. Therefore, you should pay special attention to the battery Health of your electric car. Make sure that you adopt the right charging etiquette. You should avoid deep discharges as it can put a strain on the battery.

Make sure that you protect the battery from extreme temperatures. Prepare your garage for your electric car so that you can maintain battery health. Charge at off-peak hours to avoid expensive electricity rates.

3. Ensure Regular Servicing

Make sure that you take your electric car for car servicing regularly. You can learn electric car maintenance tips at home and attend to minor issues, however, regular inspections from professional technicians can maintain and even help you prolong the lifespan of your Tesla or another electric car.

Technicians will check the software and ensure its smooth functioning. Moreover, they will also test the brake system and ensure that everything is functioning in optimal condition.

4. Tire Maintenance And Care

Tires of electric cars require the same maintenance as your ordinary fuel-operated car. Make sure that you check tire health. If tires are weary, they can put a strain on the battery.

Keep the tires inflated at optimum level. Avoid overinflation as well as deflated tires for too long. Rotate tires regularly to extend their lifespan.

5. Prompt Repairs And Replacements

You should never prolong any required repair or replacement in your electric car. If you avoid minor repairs, they can become a huge and expensive project later on.

For instance, if your windscreen is broken or cracked, immediately consider Tesla Glass Replacement to avoid serious accidents.

6. Maintain Cleanliness

Keep your electric car clean all the time to maintain its worth. If your car is stained, or bumped, or if the tires are muddy, it will give a very unpleasant sight. It will also decrease the value of your expensive electric car.

Make sure that you pressure wash your car, without causing any damage to the engine. You should also wax and polish your car to maintain its shiny exterior. You should also vacuum clean the interior. Rub the seats and ensure that everything looks neat.



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