It Did What? 16 Secrets about Travel in Dubai

Are you planning to visit Dubai? If yes, then you should know a few things about the same. It’s seen that many individuals visit the country even without collecting essential information about the same. That’s why they have to repent on their decision at later stage.

Obviously, you won’t like to regret on your own decision. So, you need to know 16 secrets about traveling to Dubai. Let’s keep reading it.

1 – Cross-dressing Is Prohibited

Whether you are a gay or not, but cross-dressing may land you in prison. Obviously, you don’t like to deal with fine and imprisonment. So, you must using stuffs, which are meant for homosexual community.

2 – Unmarried Couples Can’t Stay Together in Dubai

Whether you want to stay in a hotel or resort, you aren’t supposed to stay with your girlfriend. It means that you need to be a married in order to stay in a hotel with a female in Dubai.

3 – Don’t Drink Publicly 

In case of drinking in public, you will have to face legal issues or even imprisonment. If you are drunk, you should avoid driving a car. Instead, you need to look for rent a car Karama for better experience.

4 – Drugs Are Prohibited in Dubai

Passion of drugs may lead you towards heavy fine or even imprisonment.

5 – Carrying Pork to Dubai Is Prohibited

Being an Islamic territory, Dubai has strict laws regarding pork. So, you should avoid carrying pork while traveling to Dubai.

6 – Don’t Hug in Public

Hugging helps you expressing your love and affection for someone in your life. But hugging in public is strictly prohibited in Dubai.

7 – Don’t Use Bad Language

Hurling obscenities may land you in jail. You should avoid using obscene language while staying in Dubai.

8 – Don’t Dance in Public

If you are found dancing in public, you will have to face legal consequences. But you can dance in privately.

9 – Don’t Use Left Hand for Eating

If you use left hand for eating, you need to change this habit of you while staying in Dubai. The reason behind it is that using left is usually considered unclean in UAE.

10 – Don’t Eat in Public during Ramadan Month

If you eat during the sacred month of Ramadan in public, you will have to face legal consequences. According to Article 313 of UAE penal code, eating during Ramadan is a crime.

11 – Don’t Criticize Islam or Ruling People

You can’t criticize Islam or royal family members in any way while staying in Dubai. It’s a punishable act in Dubai.

12 – Don’t Let Your Soles Point towards Arab Individuals

Since foot is lowest part of human body, Arabs consider it a wrong thing. If you sit before an Arab with crossed legs, you should avoid letting your soles point to an Arab.

13 – Don’t Thumbs up

Thumbs up in Dubai is considered equivalent to middle finger in Western world.

14 – Ok Sign

OK sign is considered as an evil eye. Don’t do it in Dubai.

15 – Don’t Display Obscene Hand Gestures

If you avoid this point, you will have to deal with imprisonment.

16 – Don’t Photos of Others

If you are caught clicking photos of other people without their consent, you’ll have to face legal consequences.

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