Most Elegant Flowers that Are Perfect for Anniversary

Anniversary is the time when a guy wants to give a special gift to his wife for expressing their unconditional love? They give her spouse each year on their wedding anniversary the best gift. But do you know guys flowers are one of the best gifts that you can give your wife on every wedding anniversary?  Yes, flowers are the perfect gift that people can give on any occasion. But if you choose flowers for a wedding anniversary for your wife you can make it more unique. A wedding anniversary is an exceptional day, and on this day, giving flowers to your wife is the best way to express to them how much you love them.

Below we listed the best anniversary flower ideas that you can choose to surprise your wife on anniversary.


This flower is perfect for the 1st wedding anniversary. These flowers look gorgeous and a symbol of love and affection. These flowers come in various colors that you can choose according to your need. You can also choose mixed colored flowers that are perfect for your wife. So, celebrate your 1st wedding anniversary in the best romantic way with these elegant flower bouquets.

Lily of the Valley

It is the most elegant flower and best for the 2nd wedding anniversary. The fragrance of this flower is delightful. They look very stunning when combined with greenery in a bouquet. This flower represents the meaning of pure love that adds love into your relationship and makes your bond stronger. You can also send Lilies flower bouquet to surprise your wife on her anniversary.


It is the most beautiful flower that adds brightness to your life. Sunflower is the perfect bloom for your 3rd wedding anniversary and defines the meaning of loyalty, respect, and strength. This flower is ideal for making your marriage life more enjoyable and more reliable.


It is the most elegant and stylish flower that comes in various shades of blue, white, and purple. They represent the meaning of wealth and affection. It is the perfect flower for your fourth wedding anniversary. So, send flowers online in Kolkata  to your wife  on the anniversary and make her special day more memorable.


Daisy is the perfect flower to show your wife how important she is for you. A fifth wedding anniversary is a very special day in everyone’s life, and they want to make it more beautiful. Daisies are the most beautiful flower that can help you to make your relationship more strong and unique. This flower comes in various colors that you can choose as per your choice.

Calla Lily

It is the most stunning flower that is available in various colors. This flower represents the meaning of faith and love. If you want to express your wife your loyalty and love on your 6th anniversary, you can give her a bouquet of a calla lily. When she receives this beautiful flower on her special day, I feel thrilled. You can also  buy flowers and get the fresh well-arranged blooms at your doorstep.


It is the most stunning and beautiful flower that produces a sweet smell. This flower is also used for making beauty products such as shampoos, lotions, etc.  This flower comes in several colors that people can choose as per their needs. Freesias is the best flower for celebrating the seventh wedding anniversary. This flower represents the meaning of romance and love that helps you to make your relationship more beautiful.


Lilac is the most beautiful bloom that comes in pure white and soft lavender. This bloom expresses the meaning of love and innocence. It is the perfect flower that you can give your wife on your eighth wedding anniversary.

Bird of Paradise

Bird of paradise flowers are the most elegant and exotic, that’s why it is an ideal 9th-anniversary flower. This flower represents the meaning of purity, love, and surely your wife will feel delighted when she receives this flower on her special day.


These flowers look very simple and cute in yellow color. When these flowers are used in a bouquet with other flowers it seems very stunning. These flowers are best for your 10th wedding anniversary.  So, celebrate your togetherness with this beautiful flower and add charm and beauty to your married life.


Tulip comes in different colors and represents different meanings. It is the perfect flower that you can give your loved one on your 11th wedding anniversary. You can give your wife a bouquet of red tulips to express your deep feeling of love. You can also choose yellow and purple tulips to show beauty and loyalty.

These are some flowers that  you can choose for celebrating your wedding anniversary.

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