Rats and Mice control – Beware of Them

It’s essential to act very quickly if you notice any signs that your home in Vancouver is witnessing a rodent infestation. Rats and mice can infect food, eat up drywall, and spread harmful diseases to humans. Contact the experts at ASM Pest Control, Vancouver; when you need a rat and mouse removal service, you can trust to do a safe and thorough job. Mice can damage your property and make you sick, so you should never ignore the signs of a rat infestation.


Here  are the most  obvious symptoms that mice have invaded your home:


Rodent Droppings

It’s most likely that a mouse’s calling card will be in the form of droppings.  If you notice any droppings, don’t hesitate to contact a professional because the longer you wait, the number of mice’s in your house increases. ASM Pest Control provides the best Rat and mice control service, Vancouver.


Strange Noises

An audible scratching sound coming from your ceilings at night is one of the most revealing signs of a mouse infestation. Mice scratching and moving around in search of their meal is also a sign.


Chewing Signs

Mice have a strong desire to chew, and they will gnaw on anything that will leave a mark. Therefore, a mouse is the most likely culprit if you notice chewing marks on your furnishings, wallboard, clothing, or indeed old papers.


Walls with Holes

Mice seek safe nesting places as soon as they enter your home. If you see small holes in wooden furniture such as drawers or cabinets, it’s most likely caused by mice.


Unusual pet behaviour

If you have pets, rodents can be recognized by your cat or dog before you even notice their presence. In addition, a cat or dog may damage in unusual places, such as under the stove or the refrigerator, because they stink like mice.


Rats are the kind of intruder that homeowners don’t want to deal with. Besides being unhealthy, rats are notoriously difficult to exterminate. It is important to cut off access points for mice and other pests if you want to keep them away from your home. Check all your walls and doors for small holes for mice to enter. If you find any, contact ASM pest control, Expert in Rat and Mice Control, Vancouver.


What To Do?


Organize your backyard

Because they provide shelter for rodents and give you easier access to your home, marking problem areas in your garden is an important part of effective rodent protection.


Your house needs to be sealed.


Making it difficult for rodents to enter your home is another important step in preventing rodents from falling. To do this, you need to close all possible entry points for mice. So first, walk around your house and check each area for the smallest cracks.


Eliminate all potential food sources.

Lastly, by providing food for mice and rats, you can inadvertently lure them onto your property. Therefore, when dealing with rodents, look for ways to eat pests.


If you have recently had pest control for Rat and Mice Removal, Vancouver i, it is very important to stay alert at this point. The specialist will carry out a thorough inspection during the pest control process to ensure that no rodents are left on your proper

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