Who has the Cheapest Car Insurance in Ohio?


When looking for car insurance, it is common to look for cheap car insurance from trusted insurance companies like Freeway Insurance. Are you looking for Ohio Car Insurance? Take a look at this article to know the top 3 cheapest car insurance providers in Ohio.


Westfield Insurance

Westfield started as early as 1848, with farmers from Ohio working together to come up with an insurance company that believes in integrity, trust, knowledge, and respect.


Westfield provides the cheapest car insurance in Ohio, where the average cost per year is $406 for minimum coverage. But their packages can be customized. They provide various added protections like:


  • Liability: This will provide monetary support up to a certain amount to another person or property damaged.


  • Collision: This covers the damages caused by getting into an accident with another vehicle or running into an object.


  • Comprehensive: This covers the loss of a car or the damages in case of theft, damage by fire, storm, or other natural occurrences.


  • Medical Payments: This covers the medical payments for you or a passenger in the car if any injury occurs.


  • Personal Injury Protection: This covers lost income along with medical payments.


2.State Farm

State Farm is a comprehensive insurance provider that has many coverage options. They provide insurance to teen drivers, rental cars, and even sports cars. They also offer occasional discounts in their policies.


State Farm provides its car insurance policy at the rate of $410 per year.


Here are the coverage options by State Farm:


  •  Collision insurance: This covers your loss when your car runs into some object or another car.


  •  Rental insurance: This covers the cost of renting a car when your car is inactive due to some damage that occurred to it.


  •  Comprehensive insurance: This will cover any damage caused by fire, theft, flood, or any other natural occurrences.


  •  Rideshare insurance: Rideshare insurance will cover your loss if you use your car for a ridesharing company.




Geico is one of the most preferred insurance companies in the country, and in 1996, it started becoming a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway. Earlier, the company started insurance policies for U.S Govt. employees & military personnel.


Geico provides the third cheapest car insurance policy in the country at $449. But with Geico, the term affordable might be more appropriate than cheap because they don’t compromise quality.


Here are additional coverage’s provided by Geico:


Collision: If a car hits you or you hit a car or an object (in some cases), your insurance will cover the losses.


Comprehensive: Any damages caused to your car by anything other than a collision, comprehensive insurance will cover the damages.


Medical coverage’s: This will cover the medical payments for your injuries.


Emergency roadside assistance: Any assistance you require with your car mid-road, Geico will cover your charges and help you get help soon.


Rental reimbursement: You get temporary support to rent a car while your personal car is going through the repair process.



Is car insurance mandatory in Ohio?

Ohio car insurance is mandatory, and driving a car without insurance is illegal. There are certain laws associated with car insurance in Ohio.


Driving without car insurance is illegal: If you are caught driving a car without insurance in Ohio, you will have to face heavy consequences.


Carrying a minimum converge insurance is mandatory: Every driver must meet the minimum insurance requirement, which is 25/50/25.


Lending your car to an uninsured driver is illegal: If any driver is uninsured, even if it is a family or friend, it is illegal according to Ohio state law. Anyone who doesn’t own a car, but is driving someone else’s car, must own some proof of financial responsibility.


Carrying proof of insurance is mandatory at all times: Drivers in Ohio are expected to produce their proof of insurance whenever requested, which makes carrying it mandatory for them to carry it all the time.


Wooster Car Insurance

Are you looking for affordable and quality car insurance in Wooster? Oyer Insurance Agency can help find suitable car insurance policy package. With their comprehensive customer service, you will receive 100% guidance to find the right policy for your car.

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