5 Unique Ways to Sell Custom T-shirts in the Pandemic

The days had gone past when everything was sparkling and evolving, as has the way cosmopolitans live. Who’d have guessed that a formal shirt and boxer shorts would be worn to a business meeting? Who’d have thought that folks would work from home in their trousers while sipping coffee on the couch? Yes, the world has changed, and the fashion industry has altered as well.

Demand for formals has been replaced by leisurewear, while personalized shirts have replaced party wear. As a result, the fashion business has undergone a significant paradigm shift, and the changes are not limited to client demands. The entire fashion process has changed from purchase to delivery, and t-shirt selling firms are utilizing numerous coping techniques to survive this roller coaster.

Although individuals and businesses expected the world to return to normal in a few months once global limitations were lifted, the situation has turned out to be precisely the contrary, and people and businesses are now adjusting to this “new normal.” 

And if you’re in the t-shirt business, you’re probably aware that having an e-commerce platform isn’t enough! To keep your business afloat, you’d need t-shirt design software that enables your customers to personalize t-shirts just sitting on a couch or in their comfort zone. Further, to help you in dealing with it, we have given you the following four critical techniques and technologies:

1. Plan your Business:

Although selling T-shirts appears to be simple, without a strategy, you will waste time and money. Your business plan should include information on your product, the appropriate market, financial projections, and sales targets.

You can produce and sell T-shirts online in minutes, but if you want to make a living at it, you’ll need to register as a business. Choosing the name is the of the most important steps to determine your identity. Your brand name should reflect your T-shirts while also allowing you to develop to a full line. When you choose the domain name for your website, use the same caution.

2. Integrate Product Design Software for Customization:

The surge in demand for personalized t-shirts is one of the main benefits of T-shirt selling firms during this time. While customized T-shirts were once known for their designs and for people who liked to wear their ideas on their sleeves, the personalized t-shirt industry has taken a new turn. They are now in demand from corporations and fundraising organizers worldwide.

You may not only serve the open market as well as corporate organizations when you integrate t-shirt design software with your e-commerce, but you can also establish a new business model to recover lost chances during the lockdown period. For example, it’s now popular to offer your T-shirt design tool as a service to designers and businesses so that they may build their own bespoke t-shirt designs. Unfortunately, T-shirt shops either charge a software rental fee or require their customers to place bulk printing orders.

Apart from that, one of the most significant advantages of using t-shirt design software is that you may use an on-demand print approach to save a considerable amount of money on inventory costs! That is because you can generate virtual designs and print them on-demand instead of creating a large inventory.

3. Prefer Online Payments:

Most organizations must adapt their business procedures to meet the Social Distancing rules. For example, when you need to build client trust, you must improve the way purchases are received, packed, and delivered. While contactless delivery is the most popular practice, you must also consider contactless payment methods as a responsible business.

Also, use social media to promote these messages and newly adopted packing and delivery practices to these platforms in order to engage with customers and raise awareness of all the measures you are taking as a company toward your employees and customers.

4. Effective marketing:

Challenging circumstances necessitate unique answers, and now is the time to get creative with your business operations and marketing initiatives.

As marketing gurus advise, you should not leave any stone unturned, but you should try to use all of them when your options are restricted in certain circumstances. To alleviate traffic congestion, one brand, for example, introduced online ordering and offline pickups. Aside from that, numerous stores used their apps to send out push notifications to clients about areas of the congested or overcrowded shop.

Even t-shirt design software can assist you in developing omnichannel marketing and services. For example, customers may order from any device and share their purchases straight on social media with an ideal t-shirt creation tool that offers extensive customizing and sharing choices.

5. Social Media Marketing:

There are a variety of strategies to sell your new T-shirts, but they all begin with ensuring that the ideal buyer can see them. Therefore, you should have a decent idea of who the best consumers for your T-shirts are (e.g., age, gender, shared hobbies, etc.) and where you can find them by this time.

Social media is a hub and one of the most powerful marketing platforms, with many services available to help you make your product accessible on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and others. 5 If your target customer is a zombie-obsessed high school student, advertise your T-shirts in places where zombie-obsessed high school students congregate, both online and offline.


While the restrictions are being removed and businesses worldwide are resuming their offline operations, the COVID-19 malware remains a global threat.

More to say, safeguards throughout the business by taking necessary measures to ensure the safety of your employees and consumers. Everything from 6ft-distance counters to the usage of personal protective equipment (PPE) for employees, as well as regular store sanitization, is required. You may also use your t-shirt design program to make designs and t-shirts for workers to spread the word about the Coronavirus.

Your t-shirt business will have a good chance of not just surviving but also flourishing if you take these measures and techniques. Therefore, companies need to accept the change and apply the new normal and strive during these difficult times until the world is rid of the Coronavirus.

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