Lab grown diamonds or pearls – which is a better option?

Although diamonds are, since forever, known to be a girl’s best friend, it’s not like other gemstones have no place in their life. If hypothetically there was a war between the gemstones, the final rivals would definitely be pearls and diamonds. They have the highest demand in jewellery. So let’s understand the differences between the two and also try to determine which one is better option for purchase.Since the demand for lab grown diamonds has increased in the past decade, here we will be focussing on the differences between pearls and lab grown diamonds. So let us begin.

Pearls are known to be the oldest gemstones to be used in jewellery and for aesthetic purposes. They go back at least 7500 years during the medieval times. Diamonds on the other hand, are quite new dating back to only 500 years. And lab grown diamonds aren’t even a century old yet. So the traditional value of pearls is definitely way higher than that of diamonds.

  • The making process

When it comes to lab grown diamonds, the making process is easy since they are man-made. But finding pearls and getting them cultured was and still is quite an adventurous task. Pearls are made inside the shells of oysters. When a small grain of sand gets in, the oyster weaves around the grain to stop it from poking. Slowly over time the weaving hardens and the pearl is formed. Pearl diving is the activity that is undertaken to get the pearls out of these oyster shells. It is a risky business and requires one to go deep within the ocean. So if we consider the making and extracting process, then pearls are hands down the winner because of their rich making history.

  • Monetary value

Both lab grown diamonds and pearls are gemstones and expensive in their own way. Although even today a lot of people feel that lab grown diamonds are not real diamonds that is not the case. They are as real as organic or naturally mined diamonds and come at a cost. However, they are still cheaper than organic diamonds due to the easy making process. That is not the case with pearls. The extraction being so difficult, real pearls are expensive. The most expensive pearl jewellery was the necklace designed for Elizabeth Taylor, known as the La Peregrina. It was auctioned for 11.8 million dollars. Organic diamonds might cost more than pearls at times, but if we are talking about lab grown ones then the cost is considerably lower.

  • Beauty-wise

Now this is quite a difficult differentiation because each has its own definition of beauty. Pearls are known for their milky white lustre and smooth texture known as pearlescence. The shine in pearls comes from the light that is reflected upon it. Diamonds on the other hand are known for their sparkle and the way the cuts on them refract back the light with sheer brilliance, adding on to the sparkle and glisten. Pearls are opaque while diamonds are transparent or translucent. Here we will have to say that both are at par. Both have their own unique characteristics and look absolutely stunning so there is no one true winner here. So while Lab grown diamond ringsare quite in demand, there are people opting for the pearls ones too. It probably just depends on a person’s liking.

  • Uniqueness

Every pearl is different. They have their own bumps, swirls, imperfections and ridges. Since they are made naturally, man does not control how they turn out to be. Lab grown diamonds can be made to look alike. Their cuts and polishing can be done in a way where ne diamond can be made to look exactly like the other so it might be difficult for even trained gemmologists to spot the difference. So here in terms of uniqueness, pearls take the cake.

Final verdict

If we were comparing organic diamonds and pearls, then it would’ve probably been a tougher competition. But between lab grown ones and pearls, as you can see pearls are hands down the winner.

But those rooting for diamonds for hidden halo engagement rings need not be sad. After all instead of opting for one of the two, why not just buy a jewellery with both of them to get the best of both worlds.

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