Great response after the game

In response to the overwhelming response received following the game’s release last week the Lost Ark team is working against the clock to reduce the strain on the game’s servers.

Increased player capacity can only be accommodated through the establishment of a new regional system. An additional Lost Ark server region will be made available during peak European gaming hours for the massively multiplayer Lost Ark Gold that has taken the Steam platform by storm. This will help to reduce the amount of time that players must wait to log in to their accounts.

Because of an overwhelmingly positive response from peak concurrent players during the game’s initial launch weekend, it quickly surpassed all other games on Steam to become the second most played of all time, according to data from Steam Analytics. In the initial weeks of January, the multiplayer battle royale game PlayersUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) attracted 3.3 million players, narrowly beating out Steam heavyweights Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2 in terms of player numbers. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which had 3.3 million players during the same time period, fared much worse, with only 1.2 million players.

Despite the fact that there were millions of players, it is not known how many of those millions or more of players were actually participating in the activity. While Lost Ark appeared to have had a smooth launch in North America, players on European servers have reported experiencing extremely long login lines in recent weeks, despite the fact that the cheap lost ark gold was released in North America. Throughout the weekend in Europe, where the game was being played, there were several hundred thousand players waiting for their chance to participate in the lost ark gold for sale at any given moment.

On a Saturday afternoon in London, I attempted to log into the Lost Ark Gold store and discovered that most servers had queues of between 8,000 and 13,000 players, resulting in me having to wait for more than an hour before being able to join in the fun and excitement. The Triangle Strategy was demonstrated in front of me, which turned out to be a fortunate coincidence for me at that particular time.

Lost Ark developer Smilegate and publisher Amazon (the lost ark gold for sale has been available in South Korea since late 2019) have announced that a new European server region will be established in order to alleviate overcrowding on existing European servers. The new European server region is expected to be established in the near future, according to Smilegate and Amazon. European players who are dissatisfied with this strategy have, on the other hand, taken notice and expressed their dissatisfaction with it in the form of public statements.

As stated in the developer’s announcement, this will be a separate region (as opposed to the existing Central Europe region), and there will be no cross-region play functionality available. In the new European region, certain features that are only available in one region, such as your Royal Crystal and Silver balances from Central Europe, will not be available. For example, you can keep your Royal Crystal and Silver balances from Central Europe, which are currently only available in the old European region. For players who have not yet created their characters or who have not otherwise committed to remaining on the current server during the transition period, the developers believe this will be especially beneficial.

Those who have already invested significant time in the game, earned rewards, and built up communities will not benefit from the new server region, according to the official statement. Those who have already invested significant time in the Lost Ark Gold store, earned rewards, and built up communities will not benefit from the new server region, the official statement reads. In order to avoid technical difficulties, characters cannot be transferred between Lost Ark servers at this time. Furthermore, while some resources and activities are shared between servers, there is no way for characters or players from different server regions to share anything with each other.

Smilegate and Amazon agreed that the only viable solution was the establishment of a new server region, which they insisted on doing in order to avoid losing their respective customers. As stated in their statement, due to the design of the game, this is the only way at this time to accommodate more players in Europe at this point in time.

Long login lines are not uncommon at the beginning of a new online cheap lost ark gold or a major expansion, and they usually subside within a week or two of the lost ark gold for sale’s or expansion’s release date. As a result of the game’s launch issues, it appears that the lost ark gold’s setup has a problem with adaptability. Additionally, there appears to be a disparity between the game’s launch strategies in the United States and those in Europe.

A number of members of the Lost Ark community have expressed their dissatisfaction with what they believe to be an underestimation of the game’s potential for success in Europe, and they have called for an investigation. A Reddit user brought the following point to the attention of the community: There are a total of two regions in North America (plus an additional nine servers in South America), whereas the servers in Central Europe are all clustered into three regions: Norway, United States (including Puerto Rico), as well as the combined United States and Canada (including Washington, D. C.). Accordingly, it was discovered that server maintenance, events and communications were all scheduled on a schedule that did not work well for people who live in European time zones, such as those in the United Kingdom, and as a result, they were removed from consideration.

As a way of making up for the inconvenience, the companies Smilegate and Amazon have announced that they will make a gift package, which will include a new mount and other goodies, available to any and all players. People who log into their accounts before March 1 will be eligible to receive the gift, which will be made available after the new server region is made available on the ‘s main server, according to the official website


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