A Simple Guide to Listing a Cryptocurrency

Description: P2B is a tier 2 crypto exchange platform that will help you to list your crypto coin and make it more popular

Guide to Listing a Cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency market is getting more and more saturated. As new crypto projects emerge, the competition grows, and you have less time to adjust. So, how do you take your crypto project and its cryptocurrency to success?

We have an answer for that ‒ you have to list your crypto coin.

Crypto listing – What do you need to know?

So, what is crypto listing? Crypto listing is a stage of your cryptocurrency life where it can be traded among crypto exchange users. Listing means that a certain crypto exchange acknowledges the liquidity of your cryptocurrency and therefore creates trading pairs with it. Starting from there, your crypto coin gets more attention from a wider public and has more opportunities to grow.

The first thing you have to choose is the crypto exchange to get listed on. There are a lot of them ‒ and each is somehow different. We can distinguish three categories of crypto exchange platforms:

  1. Tier 1 crypto exchanges. Think of big names like CoinMarketCap or Binance ‒ they are tier 1 exchanges. What makes them so different? They have millions of users worldwide, trade countless cryptocurrencies available, and have huge teams. With that in mind, tier 1 exchanges are also quite expensive to list.
  2. Tier 2 crypto exchanges. Now, these make up the majority of the market. They have a smaller but more loyal community, fewer cryptocurrencies listed, and lower listing fees. Being in the middle gives you a good start, so consider tier 2 crypto exchange as your perfect starting point.
  3. Tier 3 crypto exchanges. These small exchanges are either at their start or are designed with a certain community in mind. 

If you want to list your cryptocurrency and make it big, it’s only logical to start with a tier 2 exchange, and then, when your crypto project already has enough support, try to list at a tier 1 crypto exchange.

So, what do most exchanges look for in different cryptocurrencies regardless of their tier?

The bigger exchanges are primarily concerned with liquidity. They hope your cryptocurrency will help them build a devoted customer base that will use their range of goods and services.

As for your crypto coin, it will also be presented to the exchange’s customer base. This kind of exposure is good to have when you list your coin on a tier 2 platform. It’s a good way to start forming a good reputation for your cryptocurrency and eventually grow your customer base.

Why is it so Important to List your Currency on an Exchange?

As you can see, listing is a crucial stage for your crypto project. It will allow you to expand financial opportunities for your cryptocurrency and create a market around it. When you have a market, it means your coin has value.

Also, it’s all about trust. When you have a pool of investors watching your progress closely after the initial offering, you have to prove that their investments are working. Thus, you have to list your crypto coin on an exchange to prove its liquidity.


Liquidity is a key value to every cryptocurrency, and it has to grow gradually – just like your crypto coin’s price when the crypto market situation allows it. Without that growth, you have significantly fewer chances to attract investors and traders as they won’t be sure their money won’t be wasted. So, the listing is your main priority if you want your crypto project to develop further and become successful.

What are Exchanges looking for in a Cryptocurrency?

Different crypto exchange platforms have different requirements for crypto projects who want to list. Typically, the bigger the exchange, the more requirements there are. For example, Binance requires you to comply with AML legislation, provide the platform with your strategic view on how your coin can impact real-world problems, and have a community that can self-organize to help your project development. And, of course, you have to prove your project is safe and transactions are secured well.

With that in mind, tier 2 exchanges also require some security guarantees from your project’s team. But, unlike tier 1 crypto exchange platforms, they are more liberal in their requirements overall, and also they charge smaller listing fees.

Sure, you might want to list on Binance straight away, but without big amounts of money, the chances are very small. Even if you have enough funding, listing on Binance requires your crypto project to be already well-developed, with a loyal community by your side and some reasonable technical backup. If you don’t have these, you can get them at the tier 2 exchange platform first.

P2B is a tier 2 crypto exchange platform that will help you to list your crypto coin and make it more popular. For that, P2B not only lists your cryptocurrency but also provides you with vital services like marketing, market-making, and other important services for project development.



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