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Building a Brand With Social Listening: Enhancing Customer Service

Social media has become a staple of customer service. It’s not unusual for businesses to have Twitter and Facebook accounts to answer questions, respond to comments, and make announcements. But what about all the other social channels? There are dozens of different networks out there that cater to every niche imaginable. For example, Pinterest is an excellent platform for discussing visual content, while Google+ is great for SEO-related discussions. With so many options available, it can be difficult to know which one should be your main focus – or if you should even bother at all!


Build a community around your brand.

To build a successful social media presence, you must first understand what customers say about you in the digital space. It doesn’t matter if they’re saying good things or bad – it’s important to know so that you can take steps toward correcting any issues with your product or service.


And once you have this information, how do you go about building an engaged audience? In general, businesses tend to focus on Twitter since most people congregate when looking for customer support- but exploring other options such as Pinterest and Google+ can also be beneficial because it will allow your business to target new audiences who may not consider themselves active tweeters.


You want them coming back for more.

In addition to gathering information about your customers, social listening can also help you build a brand. It’s not easy keeping up with the demands of several different platforms at once- especially if they have completely separate audiences! With that being said, it is important to find one or two networks where you resonate most strongly and focus on those instead.


Every time a customer comments positively about your business, share their praise across all channels so that others will see what people are saying about you. This way, when someone searches online looking for reviews from past users – there’s no doubt in their mind which company they’ll choose!


Share positive feedback from clients.

On top of building an engaged audience by sharing content across multiple platforms, it’s also important to ensure a two-way dialogue with your customers. Social listening allows you to ensure quality control and gather insights about what people like (or dislike) most about your business.


For example, if someone mentions how much they love the product or service – then share their comment on all of your social channels so others will see it! The same goes for any negative feedback: be transparent and address issues head-on by apologizing and offering an explanation whenever possible. Your goal should always be to build loyalty among existing clients while attracting new ones simultaneously!


Set up a system for learning- and acting upon- what your customers are saying.

The first step to building a brand with social listening is setting up the right tools for tracking and monitoring data on multiple channels. There are many different options available, but it’s important to set up something that works best for you rather than settling on one of the most popular platforms simply because everyone else does as well!


Take some time researching various solutions online before making any decisions. There will be plenty of resources out there where people share their experiences about which platform worked best (and why). The more information you have at hand, the easier it will be when choosing what kind of software or app would work best for your purposes.


Once everything is running smoothly, it’s just a matter of actually social listening to what people are saying! Make sure that you’re always checking in (and responding if necessary) across all social channels. This will help build brand loyalty and trust among your existing audience while also attracting new users into the fold. And, if you do come across negative feedback, then be proactive about fixing any issues by apologizing or offering an explanation whenever possible. Your goal should always be to build relationships with current clients while bringing on more users simultaneously!



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