Oplan Office Raising the Ergonomics Bar – PR

UK’s ergonomic furniture giant vouches for an apex body on global ergonomic norms

UK-based Oplan Office Furniture has gone a step ahead in maintaining its leadership position in the UK’s ergonomic office furniture market. Notably, the company has raised concerns over the lack of international ergonomic standards.

Mr. Rajat Bhardwaj, Ecommerce Manager, Oplan said: “What we need is an international apex body that decides the ergonomic norms. Currently, the ergonomic standards vary from one country to the other. For a company that breathes ergonomics, Oplan has always been at the forefront in vouching support for globally accepted ergonomic standards. And we will continue to do so in the future as well.”

He added: “Today, many EU countries have mandated the usage of ergonomic chairs in offices, and therefore, the need for an apex body has gained unprecedented importance.”

Crucially, Oplan foresees an increasing demand in ergonomic chairs and standing desks from home-offices. Highlighting the need for home-office ergonomics, Mr. Bhardwaj said: “The number of work-from-home (WFH) specialists is increasing and will continue to increase, and this will necessitate the use of ergonomic chairs and standing desks in home-offices.

“What’s noble on the part of employers is that they are ready to provide ergonomic furniture to their WFH employees. Oplan is more than willing to meet this growing demand in the UK market.”

In-fact, the company is going the extra mile by involving medical-experts in its awareness creation campaigns. Mr. Bhardwaj informed: “Oplan believes in care and comfort and wants to endorse this message through orthopedists and relevant medical professionals.

“Well, people should opt for ergonomic office furniture to improve their body posture, and get rid-of back aches and neck pains. By advocating ergonomic office furniture, doctors are offering a great service to society.”

Oplan will continue to strengthen its position in the UK’s ergonomic furniture market by focusing on affordability and accessibility. “Our dealers and customers have a lot to look for in the near future such as competitive pricing, and post-sales assistance,” he said.

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