How Party Photo Booths Make Your Night Unique

How Can Photo Booths Make Your Night Memorable? Photo booths now offer a wide variety of packages that can be customized to your event or party and capture all the fun and excitement for people to remember. Photo booths have become a staple at many parties and events. They provide a fun way to make memories with old friends or even make new friends. The classic idea of party photo booths is one where you cram into a small space with your friends, draw the curtain and take some funny selfies that can be printed on small strips. Companies like Selfie Booth Co. have taken it to a whole new level, providing party packages that will ensure your event will be unique.

The New Age of Photo Booth Strips

Photo booths have entered the digital age like many other facets of our lives, and this is a good thing! With companies like Selfie Booth Co., you can have the traditional photo booth strip. Still, you can also have digital galleries, text and email sharing, personalized logos, and more, thanks to the advances in technology. You can even create GIFs and boomerangs that capture the excitement and movement during a great party.

Selfie booth technology has also advanced to where you can add backdrops thanks to green screens or even add digital props. These can be customized to fit the theme of a party, whether you are going for a Gatsby look or an island luau. You can even add a backdrop to take funny action photos or create a DIY backdrop for those with a specific vision in mind.

How Party Photo Booths Make Your Night Unique

How Selfie Booth Makes It Easy To Bring The Fun To The Party

All these services and more are offered by Selfie Booth Co., where you can buy or rent party photo booths for your special night. Take a look through their package deals, including the Kardashian booth, the Digital Booth, the Brand Booth, and more! Each offers unique options that can be customized and managed to meet your expectations by including input from yourself.

They’ve created packages in mind that can fit everything from a themed party to a corporate event. Find a package with props to let people unleash their playful side or pick filters that will create the best possible angle for each person in every shot. Remember your wedding with a scrapbook featuring hilarious pictures from all your closest guests or print photo booth strips as thank-you gifts.

Party photo booths aren’t just used for birthdays and weddings. They can be great for professional events as well. Take a look at the Brand Booth package, a convenient way to get your brand out on prints, backdrops, and the booth itself. It also provides social media engagement with data analytics to see how your brand is viewed and how often. They also have a wide variety of props, including mustaches, wigs, wedding props, and more! Or take a look through their digital props for even more options.

Will A Party Photo Booth Work In Any Sized Party

It used to be that you would need a professional photographer to capture special moments at events. Thanks to the digital booths that Selfie Booth uses, you don’t need a lot of space or a professional photographer. Taking into account a backdrop, the minimum amount of space is 6×4 feet, although 8×8 feet is the recommended size to factor into the planning. If you really are short on space and fine without a backdrop, then you can turn the Selfie Booth into a size as small as 3×3 feet. They provide delivery, setup, and takedown so you can devote your time to other party plans.

Because they have such a wide range of customization, it’s best to contact them through their website, where you can go over the different types of packages and customization, provide a quote, and plan the logistical aspects. Or feel free to take a look at their social media to view past parties that they’ve rocked!

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