Photo Booth Lighting: Create the Best Setup for your Clients

Lighting is crucial in photography. In general, using a flash can help a lot, particularly when the lighting is not good. A flash can also be too much and cause excessive lighting or harsh shadows. Whatever lighting on location may be unflattering for photo booth photography. It is better to control your lighting to ensure the best results. Lighting the subject is especially important, especially if you are using any photo booth backdrops, such as a green screen backdrop. For example, the kinds of photo booth backdrops you can get if you really want to control your photo booth lighting and out compete for any other lighting with maximum brightness and coverage. There are a few good ways to do that.

All of their photo booths, such as Selfie Booth S4® Turnkey with Printer, come with a good, professional quality flash. These constitute a basic entry level, fast way to start your exciting photo booth business. In fact, it is really like they are offering a start-up photo booth business for sale.  After you’ve learned about lighting for your photo booth, you can get started by buying one.

Use Maximum Lighting and Maximum Coverage to Maximize Results

Lighting the subject is especially important if you are using a green screen backdrop. Lighting a green screen or blue screen is easy, so it is more important to make sure your clients or subjects are well-lit. It is better to avoid lighting from below the subject. Using a three-point light kit is a good idea if the scenes you place your subject in using a green screen appear to have light coming from behind the subject. It helps sell the illusion and place them in the scene.

Another good idea can be a led light ring that goes around your camera and photo booth. Ring lights are a good professional lighting choice that have become popular thanks to social media creators using them.  Providing the maximum lighting without the lighting becoming excessive makes a big difference. Making sure that everyone in the picture is well-lit is the most important. Harsh shadows may be used to create dramatic effects. However, they should generally be avoided.  A ring light can be one good way to achieve that.

Remember that your lighting will have to out compete whatever lighting is on location. Random lights such as lamps, ceiling lights, and windows may make a place seem bright. However, they may cast unflattering light for photo booth photography or cause awkward shadows. Therefore, it is advisable to bring your own adjustable and diffuse lighting.

If you are outdoors during the day, it may seem obvious or strange to think about, but you can not outcompete the sun when it comes to lighting. It may be better to actually block the sun. Hollywood often does this with giant set backdrops. Good Photo booth businesses achieve the same thing with a tent. The shade is not just cool and relaxing on a hot sunny day. It is also great for outdoor portrait photography and helps you take control of the lighting.


Firstly we recommend buying one of photo booth packages you can find. That is the best way to get started with your photo booth business. They have green screens and backdrops and offer popular mirror conversions. Having that mirror right there can help clients increase their confidence while posing and take better pictures.

Consider keeping your business easily portable while getting two or three lights sources. Keep it friendly by not setting up more than you need. If you must use one light source, such as the photo booth flash, it should be in the center, in front of the subject. Ring lights are great for faces. Don’t worry about lighting backdrops or green screens. Instead, focus on lighting the subject. Use two sources of light on either side of the subject. Avoid lighting only one side. Using three light sources is good for surrounding the subject with light and selling the illusion of some green screen effects.


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