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How to Streamline Recruiting With an Applicant Tracking System

Choosing candidates, interviewing them, evaluating their performance really takes a lot of time. To make this process more streamlined companies are looking to applicant tracking systems (ATS). These platforms can help recruit the right employees.


Features to Consider

An ATS software allows businesses to maintain a sound database of applications and information. The information stored in database makes it convenient and accessible for the hiring department to retrieve from electronic database servers, cross match the information and choose the right employee for the job. As a result, the main features you must focus on while choosing the applicant tracking system include:



Applicant Tracking

  • A central hub that helps employers to find or retrieve information about applicants.
  • Access wide range of database with a login ID
  • Cross match the skills of ideal applicants for the respective job openings
  • Helps you to save time and money


CRM for Recruiting

  • Offers top-notch services to recruiters and business entrepreneurs
  • Track down customer needs and feedback
  • Recognizing the future demands of the business and looking for prospective candidate to satiate the position
  • Incorporates other side features and offerings to streamline your business


OCR Resume Scanning

  • Helps employers to run down through same keywords and filter out all necessary searches
  • Saves time resulting with easy relevant information access
  • It is interconnected with the best recruiting software and hiring department


Interactive User Interface

  • Designing an interactive user interface
  • Get the most updated information on the places you visit for recruitment
  • Update the information on daily basis for more accurate search



  • Have custom portal for person who is interested in customizing the page and keep recruiters engaged with the system
  • For easy access, more number of applications can be placed as per the requirement on one page


Letter Generation

  • Helps in quick reply to any query
  • The built-in templates in form of responses make the task easier
  • Helpful for the virtual recruiters for any professional use


Benefits of ATS Software

Filling up job vacancies using an applicant tracking system has become quite imperative. The following pros make application tracking software the most compatible platform for hiring fresh candidates-


Assembled With a Wide Range of Features

  • An ATS comes with readily studded features that make tracking process easier
  • It manages almost everything- right from job openings, to job roles and from departments to sources of recruitment
  • It thoroughly filters the applications as per the search criteria


Comprehensive Activity Tracking

  • Helps to track entire activities pertaining to recruiting process
  • The candidate’s status is tracked right from the first meeting till they gets placed and finalized for a particular job role
  • These recruiting teams are well organized, and hiring managers are updated instantly


Efficiently Multi-Tasking

  • With the beginning of recruiting process, the concerned professionals are doing a lot of parallel things
  • Tasks can be switched from one to another
  • Also, one can juggle the activities and respond to candidates instantly


Easy and Faster Placements

  • For urgent and specialized openings, these ATS software can be very helpful for recruiters
  • It gives faster placement results for different job roles


Staying organized

  • The recruiting team can stay organized and shortlist candidates quickly for respective position
  • Quicken the recruiting process with email marketing programs.


Thus, this is how you can enable an easy recruitment process while streamlining your entire hiring process under one roof.


With the increase in demand of new jobs, there is a simultaneous increase for prospective candidates. To make things streamlined and offer best compatible results, the Applicant Tracking System can be used for large, medium or small businesses and industries. It can help you to filter out the right candidate for the right position while reducing a lot of manual work and give you flawless results.

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