Reasons Why Micro Weddings Are Beneficial

Micro weddings are a trendy concept nowadays. Several people prefer micro weddings over the traditional ones in today’s time. In traditional weddings, people usually have a grand wedding celebration with loads of guests. It can be challenging to throw such a wedding as all the planning process for the ceremony can get stressful. However, it’s not the case with micro weddings. Even the stress of wedding planning and preparations are less in these types of weddings. Now, why these micro or minimony weddings are beneficial is quite a must-know factor for you. However, before getting into the reasons, we would discuss micro weddings, i.e., a micro wedding. So, let’s dive into it then.

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What is a Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding is different compared to a traditional wedding. It is pretty trendy nowadays, yet some people are not aware of it. As the name suggests, it is a micro wedding, where there are no grand or mega celebrations. In such a wedding, the guests are only the closest people to the bride and the groom. It makes the wedding ceremony go smoothly without any stress to the bride and the groom. They can spend proper time with all the guests since the guests would be fewer.

Now that you know a bit about micro weddings, let’s get into why it is beneficial.


An enjoyable and personalized wedding

Micro or minimony weddings are kind of personalized weddings where you can have an enjoyable moment. You can personalize the wedding effortlessly and even get a list of guests that would be your closest people. You can even have a small guest list, and everything would be close and personalized at these weddings. You would enjoy yourself a lot here, and all the activities would be easier for you as there will be fewer people and fewer preparations.


It is more affordable than traditional weddings.

Traditional weddings contain loads of guests, food, loads of preparations, and stress. It also means that the cost of traditional weddings would be higher. However, when you compare these weddings to a micro wedding, it is different. Micro or minimony weddings don’t need grand celebration, so even preparations are minor, which means that you would incur fewer costs. In micro weddings, you would have fewer guests, which means a small place would also do; you would have to get fewer decoration plans and even food. Thus, overall, the cost you incur in a minimony wedding would be less than traditional weddings.


This type of wedding is more private.

Traditional weddings are not private since almost everyone you know would be invited. However, minimony weddings are better in case of privacy. You would be inviting fewer people, so there would be more privacy in such a wedding. There would be less and only close people, i.e., close friends, family members, and some close relatives. That way, you can enjoy a private and better wedding without any other hassle. Thus, a minimony or micro wedding lets you have an intimate wedding without anyone making stress during your special day.


It is easy to plan and manage.

Minimony or micro weddings are easy to manage since they are a smaller version of a traditional wedding. You can quickly get a planner to plan the wedding for you, get an excellent caterer to provide food, and order a delicious cake. How about trying an onlinecake delivery in Nagpur. Then you can easily invite some guests and start the celebrations. You will be able to arrange it effectively and enjoy your wedding without any effort. Since it is a small celebration, you can handle it effortlessly.


Ease in selecting the venue

It will be easy for you to select a venue for a minimony wedding. First, the number of guests would be less. Thus, you can choose a venue with a small area. What’s good is that you can select your Favorite places as a venue without thinking about whether the guests would fit or not. You can go for any venue you want since you will incur fewer costs in the wedding preparations, you will be able to spend a considerable amount on the venue of the wedding.



Thus, micro weddings are fun, enjoyable, private, and even affordable. It is a fun way of celebrating your wedding, especially if you are into more privacy and don’t require a grand wedding. Some of the above points denote the reasons why micro weddings are beneficial.

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