Which Desert Safari is Best in Dubai?

Vacationing in Dubai means unlocking the door to unlimited adventures. Take its myriad desert for instance. It’s not mere barrenness, it’s a complete plethora of thrill, entertainment, and adventures. Getting high recommendations from all around, we decided to have a holiday in the wilderness of desert safari. We booked an overnight itinerary through Happy Adventures Tourism LLC -a team of energetic individuals.

Desert camping had heightened us already as we were a group of backpackers. And when a squad of adventurists gathers at a place like Dubai, you know what they do! Read on to know what extent of madness we encountered in the overnight desert safari.

Why Overnight Desert Safari is Best for Adventurists?

1.     Outlandish Camping Experience

Desert camping in the twilight is a felicitous experience for adventure freaks. Pitch a tent of your own, or stay in the private Bedouin camps. Both types of camping have their perks and bounties. In the Bedouin camps, you’ll get delighted with the inner ambiance of the traditional-style camps.

However, pitching a tent with camping essentials was our choice. And to fulfill it, our tour guide from team Happy Adventures Tourism provided us sleeping bags, colorful tents, and comfy rugs. We spent one-third of the twilight gazing at the milky ways, talking about life, and soaking up in the wilderness. Camping and stargazing is the ultimate treasure of opting for a night’s stay at the desert safari Dubai. The topsy-turvy ride continued for about fifteen minutes which was nothing less than a roller coaster ride.

2.   Gripping Sand Activities

The spine-tingling activities of the dune arena are well-known top-notch adventures. Whether you go for dune bashing, quad biking, fat bicycling, or sandboarding; limitless fun is promised. Happy Adventures Tourism LLC offered us a dune bashing ride in a Nissan Patrol.

Quad biking is also an enthralling dune activity in which a solo rider crosses the high dune heaps. You’ll first get instructions on how to drive a quad bike. Afterward, a fifteen minutes quad biking session satisfies your inner adrenaline junkie.

Sandboarding is a blasting dun at the dune arena and it is mostly opted by kids. However, people of any age group can enjoy this amusing activity. Balancing your feet over the wooden board is all the hack behind this insane activity. If you know the technique of balancing, then sand skiing is a must-pick sand activity for you!

3.   BBQ Dinner

The scrumptious buffet at the dunes invites foodies to have mouth-watering bites out of a variety of food. We were presented with appetizing snacks and refreshing drinks first. Team Happy Adventures Tourism also presented us Arabian coffee along with dates. It is a  notable traditional method of Arabs to welcome their guests. The buffet and BBQ station contains veg dishes as well.

The divine savory includes charcoal roasted meat, salads & sauces, even soups and sauces. The eatery at the dunes is as impressive as a dine-in on the city side.

4.    Dance Performances

Unlock the door to unlimited entertainment by being a part of a cheerful crowd. The live stage features the Arabian customary in vibrant colors. The artists’ present Tanoura dance, Belly dance, fire dance, and other cultural dance depiction. Tanoura dance is performed by dervishes in chromatic ensembles, which is pretty alluring. Belly dancers fascinate the audience with their flexible dance moves.

The hosts of team Happy Adventures Tourism offered us flavorful shisha. Smoldering it while enjoying the amazing Arabian artistry is a great recreational activity the dune arena.

5.     Arresting Beauty of the Dawn

Witness the magical sunrise by naked eye, without any filters! You might have seen several landscapes and put them on your desktop screens. Well, most of them are filtered canopies. Absorb the serene landscape in its purest form. The picturesque location of the Arabian dunes awakens the inner mystic in you.

The golden dunes leave the beholder in awe. There is a huge chance of spotting the unseen wildlife too. Spot the hopping gazelles, oryx, eagle owls, and wild cats. These are the rare fauna of a marshy habitat you’d see exclusively at the of Dubai.  Soaking up in the blessings of a new day create extra bounties in a night stay at the majestic dunes of Dubai.


If you keep an adventure-freak in you, then must go enliven your true desires for going wild! The out-of-doors adventures in a desert safari can make you meet your newer and better self. Pick an overnight itinerary from a trusted concern like Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. This way you can enjoy at this dreamy destination recklessly. From pick-up to BBQ dinner, enthralling sports, and recreational activities; a desert safari is a heaven for thrill-seekers. Moreover, camping, stargazing, and sunrise beauty are the additional and exclusive perks of an overnight desert safari in Dubai.

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